Ear Candy


A brilliant young singer-songwriter. "The A Team" is the perfect soundtrack for a rainy, lonely night. You'll want to get on this bandwagon now. 

Favourite Find


These phones from Bowers & Wilkins have been on my wishlist for a while now. At $329, I should probably keep wishing, but they sound fantastic - nice bass and a great balance of lo's, mids and highs. Whether you're listening to Hip Hop or folk, they are well worth the wait and the cash if you can spring for it. 

Wise Words

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

~ Anne Frank


James Dean. 

Mr. Dean. The epitomy of effortless cool. 


Carry On: YYC - YYZ

Leaving a dry, frigid, snowy "Fall" in Calgary for a brisk Fall in Toronto. These should keep me alive, warm and entertained.


Studio Q

I recently flew to Calgary, AB to perform on a special recording of Jian Ghomeshi's Studio Q (airs on CBC and NPR). Calgary is known for some extreme weather patterns (summer heat and snowstorms in the same day - seriously), so I packed accordingly. Loving the latest collaboration between Levi's and Filson, as seen in the jacket below. 

1) Levis 

2) Forever21 

3) Levis 

4) Garrett Leight  

5) Nixon 

6) Vince 

7) Filson 


The Nashville Sessions


Suiting up for the CCMA's

Last month I had the opportunity to preform on the televised Canadian Country Music Awards. Everyone was there - even the current princess of country, Miss Swift. I wanted to pull together a look that was equal parts urban and cowboy. 

1) Levis 

2) Scotch & Soda 

3) Lanvin 

4) Naked and Famous 

5) Obey

6) Mr. Porter 

7) Hudson Shoes 


Cabin Fever

I've always loved a good tree fort. I have fond memories of hammering 2x4's in my late grandpa's forest of poplars back in Northern British Columbia. Poor Papa. He loved his trees. Come to think of it, poor trees. One day I plan on having a songwriting 'fort' like this. I'm thinking Vancouver Island. Via seaplane.